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transparent kan home , olderpost + newerpost
Friday, July 8, 2011 | 0 comments

hye smua today nk buat tutorial request dr aleeya
dye tnyew cmnew nk buat  home , olderpost + newerpost jd transparent mcm pic at ats tu kn..
so kitew buat tutorial bukn untk dye swog tp utuk smua ..yg tak tau jew...la ok
ha tgok pic bwh nie and ikot step by step !!nie bg owg yg pkai template mcm pic bwh nie :

(klau nk bg besar klik dua kali)

1. Dashboard >Design> template Disigner
ikot step pic bwh nie tau :

(klau nk bg besar klik dua kali)

*pi cari advanced 
*and then , cari pulak pager
*korng nmpak tak background colour so ubh lew...
*tu nmpk tak step k 4 yg transparent..tkn tu so jd mcm pic bwh nie :

(klau nk besar klik dua kali)

2.dah siap tekan apply to blog and abis dh !! sngkn cayok2